Do your Kids Like Veggies?

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As a baby, my daughter ate pretty much every fruit and vegetable.  Now at one and a half, she is very picky about vegetables.  I can’t figure out why since she is used to the taste from being a baby. I wonder if it is the texture that throws her off sometimes.  Anyone else have this problem?  If so, any solutions you’ve found that worked to get them to eat their veggies?

I have found the little squeeze pouches of fruits and veggies that are for toddlers and she seems to like those.  They have really great combos of fruits and veggies that you don’t typically find in regular baby food.  However, they are quite expensive ranging from 98 cents to $1.46 each so that’s not a great way to keep expenses down when she’ll eat one or two per meal!  The combos they have in the pouches are really awesome, though, and ones I wouldn’t typically think of cooking or even know how to cook, so I’m really not sure of a convenient, less expensive route.  Having 4 kids leaves very little time to do much of anything in the route of making my own baby food combos!

Any tips or ideas??

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