Toddler Car Woes

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I have had the hardest time lately with my one and half year old riding in the car.  I had thought there was a new law passed recently stating children had to be at least 2 years old and 20lbs, not just one year old, to move their car seat to forward facing, but I’m not seeing that anywhere online.

Anyway, my daughter is still rear facing, as she just hit the 20lbs point and the experts do say if you can keep them rear facing for as long as possible even past 20lbs, then do so.  I’m not sure if we are at a point of needing to move her forward or what, but I do feel keeping her backward is much safer with her still being so tiny.

She will ride happily for a short time in the car, but before long, she becomes very agitated and cries. I try to give her a snack, a drink, toys, etc, but nothing works.  She just gets more angry!  I know the car seat we have probably isn’t the most comfy style, as it was the cheapest and is 4 years old, so I did just find a new one to install today.  I’m thinking I will continue with this new seat being rear facing and see if something more comfy helps her like it better and if not, then perhaps just go ahead and move her forward.

Any suggestions on how you dealt with crabby toddlers riding in the car?  Any awesome toys you’ve found that worked great (besides a DVD player that we don’t have LOL)?  I’m at my wits end!!

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