To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise…..?

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Did you circumcise your boys?  I did not with my son and some people look at me strangely and comment on how he will be “traumatized” in the locker room at school when he looks different than other boys.

I’m under the belief that God made us perfect, so why would we have to cut off some of our son’s parts to make him “perfect”. In the Old Testament Bible days, people circumcised to show obedience to God so some can argue that is why they do it to this day.  However, I wonder how many parents are actually thinking about God when their boys go under the knife.  To me, most people circumcise because it’s tradition and what most people think of as “normal”, so just follow the “norm” and circumcise too.  I do not wish to offend anyone that actually does it as a Godly ritual and I don’t look down on people who want to circumcise.  I simply want to write about my reasons why I chose not to for my son.

The foreskin that is removed actually has many functions.  After reading more about the functions, I really questioned myself as to why I would put my baby through an unnecessary and painful surgery?  Sure, they won’t remember it, they won’t be traumatized by it really, but with any circumstance when the doctor tells someone they need surgery, don’t we usually try to do everything possible to avoid having surgery first?  Why wouldn’t you treat your baby’s penis in the same manner?  It is not a birth defect, so why remove it?

Some argue to make it easier to clean and to avoid urinary tract infections, it should be removed.  My son who is now 5 has never had a UTI and I haven’t seen any boy that would be “inconvenienced” with having to take a few extra seconds paying attention to his penis!

Have you ever watched a circumcision video?  I think if you saw it, you may change your mind about wanting to circumcise your boy!

Did you or are you going to choose to circumcise?  Why or why not?

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