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I’m looking for some teenager advice.  As some of you know, we adopted a teen from Ethiopia when he was 13.  He’s now almost 17 and has been doing all the “tough talk” of “When I’m 18, I’m going to get a tattoo, piercing,” etc.

I’m obviously new to the teen parenting, so those of you who have gone through this, how much of this was simply “tough talk” that never actually went into action?

What is up with the age of 18 anyway?  My son seems to think once he’s 18, he’s an adult.  However, I tell him he will still be living in our house and must obey the house rules.  He laughs at that and disagrees that he will have to “obey” (things such as still going places with us a family like church or other occasional family outings).

Really, once your child is 18 and still living with you, how do you make them obey the rules?  Do you have a curfew for them?  You can’t physically pick him up and drag him to the car if you want him to go somewhere!  And taking away his phone or other privileges doesn’t seem like it would work so well anymore like it does now.

Since our son didn’t speak English, he is behind in school and will be in high school until probably 20, so will still be living with us.  So even past 18, with a child who lives with you, how do you enforce rules?

Mamas–what did you do that worked for you?  I’m going to be there in a year and I’m kind of panicking!! LOL

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