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There was a great segment on The Bert Show this morning that I wanted to share.  It was hilarious! They asked stay at home moms to call in and confess what they actually do when they are staying at home with all their kids in school.  Some of the callers had such funny answers; sleeping for 5 hours, getting up to watch her soap opera and then getting her kids from school, doing nothing all day but before hubby gets home, making it appear like she is cooking something really yummy, sneaking off to the movies, drinking beer with lunch every day, hiring a cleaning service and pretending it’s her that’s cleaning, playing tennis instead of getting a job, etc etc!!  Funny, right?  But how many of these are something you’ve done and are woman enough to confess to?   ;-)

While I do run a business part time, I think I can still be considered a stay at home mom since I do have my one year old at home with me.

Here are my confessions:

1.  I nap any chance I get!

2.  I’m guilty of putting Elmo on for my daughter so I can get stuff done around the house.

3.  I watch Netflix shows while folding laundry and eating lunch.

4.  Some days I literally do nothing but play with my 1 year old!  Forget the housework, the cooking, the laundry!

5.  I stare at Facebook and laugh at everyone’s posts.

6.  I talk on the phone and try to multitask, but am not very good at that!

7.  Sometimes I simply sit and read a book.

What confessions do you have as a stay at home mom?  Mine aren’t very funny! LOL

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