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Does your child’s school have a specific dress code, as in they must wear a certain type of pants or shirt?  My son goes to a private school where they do have a dress code.  I would say it’s one of the easiest dress codes to follow, but yet my son still has a problem following it sometimes.

He’s quite stubborn and likes to be “cool” with what he’s wearing, so having to comply has been the biggest struggle about sending him to this school.  Their policy is Monday through Thursday a collared shirt like a polo or button down shirt with khakis must be worn.  Any color of shirt, striped, spotted, whatever is totally fine, so you can still have some style as long as it has a collar.  Any type of shoe is fine.  On Fridays they can dress in jeans and a t-shirt, but the t-shirt must not have slanderous sayings, pictures, or any drug connotations.  Easy, right?

Well, my son goes into school today and I get a call from the administrator just to give me a head’s up that my son is not very happy with the school right now.  They made him change his shirt because he was wearing a shirt with Bob Marley’s head on it (no drugs pictured or anything).  They said that was not allowed because of the “druggie” lifestyle Bob lead and they do not want to promote  that.  So I was like “Ok, no biggie.”

Then, when I told my husband about it, he thought that was kind of a dumb reason to not allow Bob Marley shirts at school and gave another example:  If my son had worn a shirt with Obama’s head on it, it would be fine, right?  Well, Obama smokes or has smoked in the past at least, so how is that any different?  A drug is a drug, right?  So then I thought, “Hmmm, interesting point!”

Do you think my son should have been made to take off the Bob Marley shirt?  In the school handbook (that I was supposed to read cover to cover! Ha!) probably says no drug related material, but even if I had read that, I wouldn’t have thought of Bob Marley as being a “no, no” because there are no pictures of drugs on the shirt.

The administrator did give a good reason of having to comply to a dress code at an early age.  She said it can prepare students for what they may have to face in the work place later in life when they may have to wear certain clothes and not complying could potentially cost them their job.

That makes sense to me and whether or not schools have a dress code doesn’t really bother me one way or the other.  The kids are still going to be the same kids whether they dress in what the school says or if they dress in their own style.  I don’t think all schools should make dress codes mandatory because it is nice for families to have a choice of where to send their child based on if they agree with a dress code or not (speaking more of private school choice).  However, for me, finding the right school is much more important than worrying about whether my kid has to follow some silly dress code or not.

What do you think?  Should kids be made to wear certain dress codes or uniforms?

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