“Just Because Having a Baby is Natural Doesn’t Mean It’s Instinctual.”

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Title quoted from Amber Koter-Puline’s video regarding her postpartum depression.  Amber is a mother, blogger, and advocate for postpartum depression.  You can read her blog called Beyond Postpartum.

Her quote is so true for so many mothers, but it is so very hard to admit.  If we admit it wasn’t instinctual caring for a baby, we feel like a failure, people may look at us funny and think we don’t love our baby, and it makes us feel like less of a mother.  Amber’s blog is real, honest, and a wonderful resource for those who have gone through or are currently experiencing postpartum depression.

Amber also organizes a support group for postpartum parents every month here in Atlanta where parents can share their stories and realize they are not alone in the suffering.

After going through some postpartum issues myself (you can read a little bit of my story), I wanted to share this information for any of those who may benefit from receiving help.  Don’t wait to get help!  It’s so important to realize you’re not feeling like yourself and be willing to take charge of your life, which is sometimes very hard.  I feel like talking to other moms experiencing the same or similar things is such a great help and great place to start on the road to recovery!

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