Having a “YES!” Day

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Do you ever feel like you say the word “no” to your kids constantly? I definitely do!  Every time I turn around it seems like they are into something they’re not supposed to be touching, eating something they’re not supposed to be eating, or doing some kind of activity that they’re not supposed to be doing!  Then I feel like all day, they only hear “No, No, No!”  There is rarely a “Sure, go ahead!” phrase that comes out of my mouth.

I’ve read some blogs before about parents who decide that every once in a while their children need to have a “yes” day.  One day every now and again to say yes to everything your children ask for, as long as it’s not completely absurd or going to harm them or others, seems like a fun idea.  I’ve never tried it, but I’m sure kids love it!  ”Can I have ice cream for breakfast?”  ”Yes!”  ”Can we go play in the rain?”  ”Yes!”

I think I keep waiting for the “right day” to try this fun day, which is never going to happen if we sit around and wait.  It seems like there is always something else going on to get in the way of  ”yes” day.  So I’ve realized I’ve just got to jump on it and give it a whirl!

Kids feel so powerless being told to go here, go there, do this, and do that all the time, so giving them a “yes” day every once in a while makes them have one day where they get to control (for the most part) what happens that day.  It’s fun for them, gives them a feeling of empowerment, and I want to think it’s pretty fun for the parents to see the joy in their child’s eyes when they ask for something and you say yes!

There is a great book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal called Yes Day that can give your child some ideas on what he can do on your own “yes” day.  Talk to you child about “yes” day, read the book, and have fun!

Have you done this in your house before?  What was the reaction of your children?  What funny things did they ask for?

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