Halloween Costumes

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What types of Halloween costumes do you allow your young kids to wear?  I’ve never been a fan of the truly scary costumes like skulls and bloody figures.  I prefer the cute things like lions, cute witches, monkeys, etc.  I don’t like to portray Halloween as an evil holiday, but just as a fun time the kids can get out and be a little crazy.

Growing up, I was never allowed to go trick or treating.  I think it was because my parents thought it was an evil holiday, but I’m not exactly sure what the true meaning of Halloween even is. I simply see it as a fun time to allow the kids to get dressed up and be something other than themselves.

For the first time last year, we had our kids dress up and go trick or treating (ages 7 and 4) and this year we’re planning to again.

I found my son a Scooby Doo costume at a consignment store, my older daughter a dress that looks like the dress from the witch on Tangled, and for my little daughter, I’m making a jumpsuit that looks like a sock monkey.

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