Flu Shots

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Every time I take my kids to the doctor, we’re always asked if we want to give them the flu shot.  I’ve refused every time and don’t even get one myself.

I’ve heard so many stories about people getting the flu shot and then getting really sick afterward.  Sometimes I really hate vaccines and think it’s simply better to let our body build up immunity by getting sick with the actual disease like they did in the old days; at least for “normal” sicknesses like the flu.  I can see the need for huge epidemics like the measles or polio, but “every day” illnesses shouldn’t be made into vaccines.

I’m sure there are others on the other side who can attest to thank goodness they do have the flu vaccine because they swear by it every year, but I can’t remember the last time I even had the flu!

Thankfully, I have a great doctor who is OK with refusing the flu vaccine without a fight, but I hear more and more about doctors that force different vaccines onto the patients, especially onto pregnant women.

I don’t like how most medical doctors are so medically minded that they only see and give one side (the medical side) of the equation.  They usually don’t give a clear picture of the pros and cons of having a certain vaccine.  Mostly, they have a strong opinion as to why we have to have it and make parents scared instead of saying what the vaccine is for, the benefits and the risks.

Again, thankfully I have one of the good doctors who doesn’t press vaccines or medicines, but I think they are pretty few and far between these days.

What do you think?  Does your doctor force medically related issues onto you without giving you both sides of the equation?

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