Do you Have Any Helpful School Tips?

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I just had my kids’ parent/teacher conferences today and it seems like every year, more and more is expected of the children at younger ages.  Back in my day, kindergarten was more like preschool is now.  It was more of a “fun” time and the expectations weren’t so high.

My son, who is in kindergarten, is having a bit of trouble recognizing as many sight words as he should.  I asked the teacher if she knew a fun way to help with that instead of just drilling flash cards all afternoon.  Her suggestion was to take the flash cards and tape them around different places in the house such as on the fridge, by his toothbrush, by the door, and by his bed.  Then, have him read the words anytime he goes by those places and switch the cards out every week or so after he masters recognizing them.

My daughter, in second grade, is having trouble with punctuation, writing neatly with making correct capitalization, and creating more details in her writing.  Her teacher suggested, instead of making it a chore of doing workbooks every night, to simply have her pick out a journal and whenever we do something special like a birthday party or family outing to have her write about it.  Then, go through it with her, correcting the mistakes.

What do your kids struggle with?  Have you found any great tactics that have worked in helping them do better?

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