Did You Have Pets Around Your Baby?

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Bringing home your new baby is so exciting!  Like so many others, you may have had a “baby” before your actual human baby (a dog or cat).  How did you go about introducing your baby and your pet?  Were you nervous thinking about how your pet would react being “number two” in the household once you brought your baby home?

Here are some tips to consider when introducing your baby to your pet.

1.  No matter how loving you feel your pet will be toward your baby, be super careful!  The nicest of animals can easily feel threatened by a new person coming and “taking his place” in the household.

2. Take a blanket home that your baby was wrapped in from the hospital and let your pet sniff it to get familiar with the scent of your baby before he actually comes home.

3.  Take things slowly and watch carefully while your pet is interacting with your baby.

4.  When coming home, greet your pet first without the baby.  Your pet has likely been without you for a few days while you were in the hospital so he has missed you!

5.  Try to give your pet his usual amount of attention.  This can be hard when you’re involved with a new baby, but keeping up with your pet’s regular routines will help him adjust.

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