Clingy Toddler

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Anyone else have a clingy toddler?  My daughter is almost 18 months and when we are home alone together after my other 3 kids have gone off to school, all she wants to do is be completely connected to me.  She won’t really get down and play with toys even beside where I’m sitting and if she does, it’s maybe for about 15 minutes.  Then, she’s back fussing by my side wanting me to pick her up.

If I hold her on my lap and do things, she is happy, but obviously that’s pretty difficult when I’m trying to work on the computer.  If I’m walking around doing laundry or housework, she will happily follow me around for the most part, but sometimes she wants me to hold her.

Once my other kids come home from school, she does seem to play better and be entertained by them.  I wonder, do the youngest in the family get spoiled because they are constantly being picked up by siblings, whenever they cry, someone gives them attention, etc??  I think we’re more easily spoiling her because she’s small for her age so we tend to treat her more “baby like”.

I’ve definitely noticed my 8 year old daughter will go running and give her attention if I have put her down to get something done and she’s standing there just crying because she was mad I put her down.  I’ve tried to really discourage my daughter from picking her up in these instances in hopes of nipping it in the bud, so maybe it just takes time.  Maybe it’s just small phase….but one that I feel like I’ll never get out of!  LOL!  I love the fact that my daughter adores me, but when I can’t get much else done around the house, it has become kind of frustrating!

Give me a newborn any day!  Toddlers confuse me to no end and I have no clue how to deal with them.  Any tips on how to foster her independence when she’s here at home alone with me???

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