Changes to Happy Baby Solutions for 2013

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Since 2005, Happy Baby Solutions has been a partnership agency run by Corinne and me (Julie).  Some changes are going to be made as of Jan 1st, 2013.  I have decided to step down as Corinne’s business partner.  Corinne is going to continue running Happy Baby Solutions as sole owner and everything will continue as it has over the past years.  She will continue to offer all of the same services and conduct interviews with new caregivers the same way.  

My decision came with much contemplating over this past year, but I finally decided I’ve come to a point in my life that I would like to relieve a bit of stress off myself.  Running your own business takes a lot of time and being “on call” pretty much every day, making sure things are running smoothly, began to make me feel like my family was getting put on the back burner.

I plan to pursue being a part time baby nurse and Happiest Baby educator for Happy Baby Solutions and through my own referrals.  I also want to work toward getting my birth doula certification and fulfill my passion of helping birthing mothers accomplish their ideal birth experience.

It has been a wonderful learning experience working with our families, nannies, and baby nurses.  Thank you to all of our caregivers who have done such a wonderful job giving Happy Baby Solutions a great name in the community!  I hope you will all continue to support Corinne and keep up the great work for the years to come!

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013!

Take Care,


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Ellen Wall December 23, 2012 at 6:37 am

First off, Merry Christmas to you both! Julie, I wish you the best especially in with your doula training!
Take care and have a blessed Christmas!

LIZ December 23, 2012 at 1:42 pm

I’m so Thankful that I was able to start out my new career as a Baby Nurse with Happy Baby Solutions. I still remember the first time I met Julie and Corrine for my interview. That was 6 years ago! I am so excited for you Julie.This next part of your
Journey will be nothing short of amazing! I admire your courage to step out and do what you feel is right for not only you,But, for your beautiful family as well. What a wonderful gift!


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