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As business partners, longtime friends, and “mommy colleagues” – Julie and Corinne know just about everything there is to know about each other.  But they want to be sure Happy Baby Solutions partners and clients know them, too.  In the spirit of family and familiarity, Julie and Corinne have each conducted an interview with the other.   Last week we brought you Corinne’s interview of Julie.  Today, here is Julie’s interview with Corinne.

Q:  Corinne, You’ve been taking care of kids since you yourself were very young, helping out in your mom’s home daycare.  What do you remember about that experience?

One of the things that really sticks out is the variety of activities my mother offered to the children.  The kids were always challenged and engaged.  They learned so much under her care– she never relied on the TV to “babysit” them.

I enjoyed watching the kids grow from babies to children, and I learned a lot about children and their development at a young age.

Q:  Have you always been drawn to baby care in particular?  If so, why?

I loved taking care of children and babies since I was very young.  I think it started because my brother was three years younger, and I enjoyed caring for him, reading him books, and playing with him outside for hours at a time.  Between him and the other children my mom watched, growing up I was always the “little mother” to lots of kids.

I’ve always received such joy from taking care of children.  Seeing them discover something new, or finally “get” something I have been teaching them is so rewarding.  Children need a lot of opportunities, guidance, and love – that is all.

Q:  Both of our families are a wonderful mix of biological and adopted children.  What tips do you have for similar families to ensure a cohesive family unit?

I read my adopted and biological children age-appropriate books on adoptive families and how they came to be.  My kids have learned that families come together in many different ways.  I also talk a lot of their place of birth, and birth parents.  We keep and celebrate certain traditions from their country of birth.  I make sure they know even though they came to be a part of our family a different way than our biological children, it is not something to be ashamed of, but to be proud of.  It is beautiful thing.

Q: If you could share just one tip for a new mom, what would it be?

Take time for yourself -  it is so important.  Never feel guilty about asking for help or time alone.  We all need to re-charge our batteries from time to time, and moms deserve a break, too!

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