Baby Nurse Training Proves a Success

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Thanks to all the ladies who attended our baby nurse training this weekend!  We had a wonderful small group class with just the right amount of attendees.  From basic baby care to in depth knowledge of scheduling babies, everyone learned a lot!

The best part was bringing my 8 week old daughter, Addilyn, into the class for the breastfeeding and soothing sections.  Our breastfeeding instructor taught as I demonstrated different breastfeeding positions with Addilyn and we used her to demonstrate proper latching and mouth formation for feeding.

Everyone was wowed by The 5 S’s (swaddle, side, shh, swing, suck) and how quickly they soothed Addilyn’s screaming.  It was literally seconds and she was peacefully sleeping.  Having a chance to swaddle a live baby was really great for all the students!  They all realized what a difference it made swaddling a real wiggling, screaming baby instead of a still, lifeless doll!

We hope to have another training in early Sept so we can still use Addilyn for swaddling and breastfeeding demo so join us next time!

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