How Old Was Your Baby Before You Took Him Out?

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How old was your baby before you were brave enough to go places with him?  I forget exactly how old my son was, but it was definitely within that first week.  With my daughter, she was just 3 days old when my husband and I took her out to dinner with us (we had a home birth with her so we didn’t have a hospital stay)!

I was always so excited to get out with my baby and show the world.  Maybe it was a sense of accomplishment for myself as a mother to show everyone that I did it and here I am managing a newborn within his first week of life…I don’t know, but the more I got out, I realized how easy it was those first few weeks (for the most part) because babies sleep through pretty much everything!

The only challenge I faced was trying to find nice places to breastfeed.  The dinner out with my husband was one of those times.  I remember having to go into the bathroom and sit on a toilet because I wasn’t comfortable with doing it in public yet or with a blanket covering me because she was only 3 days old and still learning how to latch, etc.  Why on earth do most public toilets not have lids???  The worst are the automatic flushers!!  Goodness!!!!

Did you face any challenges when you took your newborn out the first few times?


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