Young Kids Being Hungry All the Time

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Do you feel like your kiddos could eat you out of house and home?  I’ve been feeling that way so much lately!  My 5 year old seems to have a never ending stomach!  Even after having a good supper and eating well, he will often say he is hungry again 30 minutes later!  Is it out of boredom or knowing food is available, but not really being truly hungry?  While he’s at school, he obviously isn’t eating every hour, so what is with him at home wanting to eat all the time? Luckily, he is a skinny little thing, so I’m not worried about him gaining weight, but I am just curious as to why he thinks he needs food all the time.  It’s not like he is hoarding the food.  He simply enjoys small snacks frequently throughout the day.

Trying to think of different healthy snacks is always a challenge.  We go through a ton of yogurt and my kids love apples and bananas.  Lately they’ve been on a smoothie kick where they want one after school every day.  I suppose that is pretty healthy.

Do any of your kids have this same desire?  What kinds of snacks do you provide for your kids?  Do you have any great smoothie recipes?

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