Wussification of Dads

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The Bert Show had a great segment on their talk show this morning that I wanted to comment on and get other opinions about.

They were talking about dads who won’t change diapers, watch their kids (or only will watch one at a time), or simply step up to the plate and be a parent!  They had several callers who said their husbands refused to change diapers because “It smells bad” or “I use like 50 wipes”.  Really??!!  Part of being a parent is changing diapers!  It’s your own kid’s poo and a tiny amount (especially when they are tiny babies).  How is that scary?

Not watching your own kids or only watching one at a time is pathetic!  Being a parent means being able to handle all of your children at any given time.  If you didn’t expect to be able to handle watching more than one of your children at one time, then why did you have more than one?  Especially for stay at home moms, time away from their kids is so important.  Moms should be able to rely on their kids’ father to be willing and capable to watch their own children so they can get  a break.

I’m happy to say in my line of work (caring for newborns in their homes), I’ve seen many dads who are awesome with their babies!  They change diapers, get up for the middle of the night feedings, and have their wives take a break and get out of the house.  I feel like this generation has done so much better at stepping up and taking charge as dads than way back in the 50′s, but I’m sad to hear some people still don’t get it that parenting is a team effort.  That includes taking turns with diapers, night feedings, etc!

Do you expect your spouse to watch all of your children so you can go out?  Does your spouse change diapers?

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