What Should Parents be Looking for When Interviewing Nanny Candidates?

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Many families ask us what is important to find out during the interview process with nanny candidates.  Here are the top five tips we find useful when screening nannies for your family.

1.  Get detailed descriptions of their previous nanny jobs.  What were the ages of the children they cared for?  How long did they stay with each family?  What duties did they perform on the job?  Finding out how long they were with each family shows a great deal about their potential commitment to your family.

2.  Be sure they have at least 3 years of prior experience with children whether it’s in the nanny field of work, babysitting,or working in a daycare setting.  You will also want a nanny who has had relevant childcare experience with children that were the same ages as your own children.

3.  Ask them questions specific to your own children’s ages such as “What developmental activities would you provide for a ___ (age of your child) year old?”

4.  Be sure that they can provide 3 or more reputable references.  Ask their references plenty of questions pertaining to what they did on the job, their work ethic, how long they were with the family, etc to be sure it is a true reference and not just a friend making up a reference for the nanny (yes, this has happened before!).

5.  Make sure their background check is clear.  If you are thinking about having the nanny drive your children around to activities, we also advise completing a driving record screening.

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