What is Up with People in Government Jobs??

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I took my son to take his permit test for the 3rd time today and I’m just disgusted about the service I’ve always received at the DMV office, so wanted to vent!  I get very disgusted every time I go to the post office as well.  The wait times are ridiculous and it seems to me that almost everyone that works at these two particular places are crabby, rude, and seem like they don’t enjoy their jobs at all!

After waiting for about 30 minutes in a long line at the DMV office, we got up to the first lady to obtain the form we needed.  She was actually nice and directed us to the sitting area.  We waited another 30 or so minutes to be called up to the next window.  Luckily, this second lady was helpful as well.  It was the third lady that I would call “blah”.  She seemed very “bored” with her job and wasn’t overly friendly with having a “Hello, how may I help you?” attitude.  As she looked over our paperwork, she sighed and huffed, “I’m so sick of this!  Who sent you down here?”  I told her and she stormed back down the aisle to the other lady at the window we were at previously.  She huffed back to us and said I had to sign the back of the form.  Apparently, because my son was a minor, they needed a parent signature and the second lady had forgotten to have me sign.  To me, that was a simple mistake, not a big deal, and something she should have just explained nicely instead of having to huff back to the second lady and probably chew her out (I’m assuming that’s what happened, but we were too far away to tell for sure).  So after signing the form she sent my son to the computer to work on the test.  He finished and we sat around waiting some more.  It seems like they really need a better way of organizing the different aspects of services they offer.  The wait time was just ridiculous, all the while I’m trying to keep my 15 month old entertained!

I’ve run into the same scenario at the post office.  There are very few postal workers that seem like they are actually happy to serve you.  Most of them look bored and have a monotone “May I help you?” with no smile or look of “I’m happy to serve you.”  They barely even look you in the eye when they go through their memorized, “Do you need any stamps….are you sending anything liquid, fragile, or perishable….etc.”

Do people in government jobs simply take these jobs because they can’t find anywhere else and these jobs are a last resort for them?  If so, why do they think it’s ok to treat people like this?  When you know you’re going to be talking to people all day as a job, then don’t apply for a job like this!!  And for pete’s sake, at least smile a little and act like you care!!

Where have you run into rude people?  Do you say anything to them about the way they act or just walk away?  If you say something, what do you actually say??  I’ve never had the guts to say anything to rude people, but I’ve definitely stood up for the other side.  When people are exceptionally helpful or courteous I always make it a point to mention their kindness.  Maybe the rest of society noticing more people’s kindness and acknowledging it would make the world a better place, right?

I came across this book I may just have to purchase.  I See Rude People by Amy Alkon.  From the book excerpt and reviews, it looks pretty funny!


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