The Expense of Sports for Kids

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My son recently started playing soccer on a select team and boy, were we shocked at the expense!  He had previously played on a recreational team, in which we only had to purchase the uniform and pay the initial player’s fee.  This time around we had to purchase him two new uniforms, pay a monthly coach fee, plus any hotel and tournament fees accumulated when they travel to play against other teams!  The gear and uniforms by themselves were about $250 and then the monthly coach fee is $70.  The tournament fees vary, but we’re looking at probably about $1000 total for the season just to have our kid play soccer!

I’m not much of a sports fan, but soccer is something my son absolutely loves and we wanted him to have the ability to be on a team to be involved with other kids his age and simply give him something to do and get out of the house.  Maybe we didn’t read the fine print or something, but we didn’t realize the expense we were getting into signing him up to play soccer for a few months!

The Bert Show had a great segment on this very subject this morning and I was shocked to hear parents calling in and saying they’ve spent over $200 on one baseball bat!  What is going on in the sports world that is making all the equipment so expensive?!  That is just ridiculous!!

What sports do your kids play?  How much do you spend each season?  Do you think the fees are way overpriced?

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