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One of the most prominent questions we get is “How do we get our baby to sleep through the night?”  This seems to be everyone’s goal to get to as soon as possible.  It becomes a bit tricky when you have multiples, but here are a few tips.

1.  All babies need to be at least 12 weeks old AND at least 12 pounds before they can be expected to sleep through the night.  Sleeping through the night can mean anywhere from 8-12 hours at a time, depending on whether the baby is breastfed or formula fed.

2.  Babies must have a consistent schedule during the day of feeding every 3 hours to ensure they are getting enough calories to sustain them through the night.

3.  Babies need to nap for several hours during the day, based on their age.  See our sleep guidelines for a general idea of how long baby should be awake before it is time for nap again.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, sleeping during the day can actually help babies sleep better at night and be easier to put down for the night because they are not overtired and fussy.

4.  Babies love to be swaddled for at least the first 3-4 months, sometimes longer.  This recreates the comfy womb that they’ve been used to and helps them sleep more soundly.

5.  Babies love a loud “white noise” (sound machine) to sleep with.  You want to purchase a sound machine that gets loud enough to hear when you leave the nursery and shut the door.  Conair Sound Therapy is the best we’ve found for a great price!  Again, this recreates the womb sound they know and loved for several months!

6.  Consistency is key!  Babies thrive on routine, so find a schedule that works for your family and stick with it!

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