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Do you ever feel like being a mom is kind of a thankless job?  Sure, there are all the smiles, laughs, coos, and yummy snuggles from our kiddos, but do you actually hear the words “thank you” very often from any adults in your household/life?

I’d have to say being a stay at home mom is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world.  Working moms can probably argue on this one and, of course, I have nothing to compare my “job” to because I don’t have to get my kids up and myself ready and out the door by 7am to get to an actual office.  However, I think being a stay at home mom really wears you down emotionally more than anything.  It seems you’re always being needed for something, which is a great feeling most of time, but after a while it becomes a bit old when you hear “Mommy, Mommy” all day long!  I don’t know about anyone else, but one of my kids is a real whiner, so when he is home from school, the whining and crying anytime you say no to him goes on for the rest of the afternoon.  I try really hard to not give in to him and I think I do a pretty good job at that, so I’ve determined that I think he simply needs more attention after being away from me all day (he’s a big mamma’s boy).  So we’re working on that! :-)

Trying to get supper with three little ones running around is always a stressful task for me.  By this time of the afternoon my 15 month old is crabby, the other two are starving for a snack, and homework needs to be done.  It seems like it ends up being pretty much chaos trying to hold a toddler on one hip, juggle cooking if I haven’t put food in the crock pot, getting after the kids to pick up their backpacks, shoes, etc and answering homework questions!  Any suggestions on how to make the afternoon run more smoothly??

So after a long day with the kids, does your partner come home and notice the house has been cleaned or do you get thanked for having supper on the table?  I don’t get that too often, but also I realize that I don’t give a thanks to my husband for actually going to work and “bringing home bread” for the table, so I think it really goes both ways.  However, that being said, I do feel like people in the corporate world are going to get more “praise” for their job from co-workers and their boss than a mother will get from anyone.  Since a mother doesn’t have a co-worker working alongside her or a boss, there really isn’t anyone to pat her on the back and tell her she’s doing a great job being a mom other than her partner.  I don’t think people realize that moms need that positive encouragement just as much as they get in the corporate world, so maybe it isn’t something our partners really think about since they are not beside us all day seeing what we’re doing.  I’m sure not all corporate jobs give praise and positive feedback as they should, so I’m not saying that corporate jobs are so much better because you get thanked a lot in all cases.  Since I’ve never had a job in the corporate world, I’m really just speculating, so correct me if my thinking is wrong! :-)

I can definitely say the times when my husband comes home and notices the clean house, the folded clothes, or the prepared supper and says something, it means so much!  As a mother, I often feel like the biggest failure, so just having him notice these small things really means a lot and makes the biggest difference to the end of my day.  I’m not a person that really cares so much about actual presents to say thanks, but one now and again it is nice; flowers, candy, a card. :-)

Do you feel like you’re thanked enough as a mother?  What does your partner do or say to thank you for your hard work at home?   Do you feel like you thank your “corporate world working” partner enough?

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