Hiring a Baby Nurse While Breastfeeding

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We often get asked the question, “What is the advantage of having a baby nurse at night if I’m going to be up breastfeeding anyway?”  Great question!  A baby nurse can most definitely benefit a breastfeeding mother!  While mom will either opt to have the baby nurse bring the baby to her for feedings at night or get up and pump a few times during the night, she can still acquire the maximum amount of sleep.  If mom opts to have the baby nurse bring the baby to her for feedings at night, mom can designate an amount of time for the baby nurse to come back in order to take the baby from her and put her back down to sleep.  This means mom simply has to wake for the feeding and the rest is up to the baby nurse to work with getting the baby’s diaper changed and back to sleep, allowing mom to be awake the minimum amount of time needed to simply do the feeding and go right back to sleep.  If mom opts to have the baby nurse use pumped milk at night, mom only needs to wake long enough to do her own pumping a few times during the night and go back to sleep.  Another option that some moms like is if they are not “stuck on” strictly giving the baby breast milk only, they have the baby nurse use whatever breast milk they’ve been able to pump during the day, but also use formula as needed and don’t get up at night to pump at all.  This is a great compromise for families who really want the rest at night, but still want to feed mostly breast milk (they would be feeding breast milk throughout the whole day).  This works especially well with families who have multiples, allowing mom to still feel successful at feeding mainly breast milk during the day, but allowing her to get rest at night to allow her to function well during the day.

Did you use a baby nurse and still breastfeed your baby?


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