Grandma Gives Birth to Her Own Grandson

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So the new popular story in the baby world has been about a grandmother giving birth to her own grandson!  I heard about it on the radio a couple days ago and then read this article that a friend send me.  What an amazing story and wonderful gift for this mother to give to her daughter!

I always said if my sisters weren’t able to have a baby, I would act as a surrogate for them.  But wow, a woman at age 49 offering to be a surrogate is such an awesome thing!  Physically, you would think it would take a toll on someone almost 50, but sounds like it all went very well and the article even states that it was her easiest pregnancy!

What do you think of this amazing gift?  Do you think this grandmother was crazy or weird for offering her womb to carry her daughter’s baby?  Personally, I don’t think it’s weird at all.  If you have a viable womb, you’re healthy, and don’t mind being pregnant, then why not offer help to a close family member? Life is the most precious gift and being able to give a tiny life to her daughter would be an amazing feeling, I’m sure!  Go Granny!! :-D

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