Meet Our Baby Nurses

We’re proud of all the women that work with the Happy Baby Solutions Family. We think you’ll be just as impressed as we are by the wide variety of experience they bring to your home.

Avanel has been working with infants for 10 years and completed a certified baby nurse training in NY.  She prides herself on being a people person, teacher, and advocate for families transitioning into parenthood. She has had breastfeeding training and enjoys working together with families to establish a routine that fits with their family needs. Avanel comes into the home with confidence and seeks to share her knowledge about babies with the families she works with so they will also feel confident in themselves when her time with them is complete.

Angela Buehler has over 25 years of experience as a baby nurse, nanny, play center superintendent,  and an in-home daycare owner and operator. For the past 20 years she has been focusing on her passion of new mother/new baby care, specializing in preemies and multiples. Originally from London, Angela specialized in nursery care with new mothers and babies and completed the London Nursery Nursing examination in 1979. She also took courses in early childhood education and development, child abuse awareness/recognition, general health and safety, and communications. She enjoys working closely with a family to ensure the most enriching care their children can receive. She maintains a high level of professionalism with a sense of humor and a willingness to help out however needed. She has also worked with high profile families and is used to and comfortable with stringent security measures and confidentiality.

Annette has been a baby nurse for many years and specializes in caring for twins.  She has a very calm demeanor and helps families feel at ease by sharing her knowledge about infants and instilling confidence in new parents.  Annette has older children of her own, and from her experience she understands all babies are different.  She has many “tools” to work with when caring for babies and meeting their individual needs.  She also understands the rest and care a new mom needs, and is happy to provide quality care, so the mother can relax and get done what she needs to do.

Atira has always had a special place in her heart for infants and children. She began babysitting at the age of 10, and had quite a bit of experience working with children of all ages by the time she graduated from high school. Atira moved to Atlanta from Virginia in the fall of 1999 to attend college at Emory University. During her time at Emory she worked in the infant and toddler villages at the Clifton School, served as a part-time nanny, and volunteered as a Baby Buddy at Egleston Hospital. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, she went on to medical school in 2003 to pursue her goal of becoming a Pediatrician. Even during her rigorous clinical training she still made time to volunteer in the NICU and work as a baby nurse with Happy Baby Solutions. Having recently graduated with her M.D., she is currently doing research in the field of Pediatric Endocrinology.

Brenda Lee-Moore has over 30 years of experience as a baby nurse, nanny and in childcare.  She has training in childcare and is certified in Infant CPR and First Aid.  She has cared for singles, multiples and special needs.  Brenda is skilled in helping babies get on a predictable schedule and sleep through the night.

Carol is a highly motivated, enthusiastic baby nurse, nanny, and preschool teacher with over 23 years of experience working with children from 1 day old to 10 years old in classroom and home settings.   At a young age, Carol took responsibility for 5 younger siblings  and this is where she began her childcare experiences.  She thoroughly enjoys working with families to establish a routine and help create a developmentally appropriate environment for their children.

Cindy Williams brings her expertise to families from working as a baby nurse for the past 9 years along with being the mother of two children. She thoroughly enjoys working with families, helping with everything from baby basics to implementing good sleeping and scheduling habits to allow for the smoothest transition possible while adjusting to having a new baby in the home. Cindy has worked with multiples and is comfortable caring for newborns diagnosed with reflux issues. She has successfully completed a Baby Nurse Training Certificate from NY. Cindy prides herself on the ability to provide top quality care to mothers and newborns by using her patient, loving, and trustworthy attitude.

Chiquita has loved children for as long as she can remember. She has been caring for children for over 10 years. Her work has included all age groups in nanny, personal assistant, baby nurse, and household management positions.

Dottie is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years hands-on experience and knowledge in infant/child care including feeding, bathing, diaper changing, cord care, circumcision care, sterilizing bottles, keeping the baby stimulated and ensuring that the baby’s environment is clean and safe at all times.  She is certified in infant and adult CPR.  Dottie is qualified to educate parents and help put the baby on an eat, sleep, wake routine and can also provide lactation assistance for breast feeding moms.  She is skilled at setting loving limits and safe boundaries.  As an experienced newborn care specialist she understands the importance of creating developmentally appropriate activities for infants and preschool aged children.  Providing loving nurturing care for babies is her passion.

Diana is a highly talented and experienced Baby Nurse with over 30 years of experience caring for children in their homes and in day-care centers; performing duties such as preparing meals, bathing, dressing, and grooming. She loves working in an environment that will provide the opportunity for her to utilize her experience, training, and creativity to foster growth in infants and young children.

Gale is a Certified Nurses Aide, specializing in infant and maternal care. She has been caring for children most of her adult life, and has dedicated her life to the well being of children. Both she and her husband are licensed foster/adoptive parents in the State of Georgia.  Gale has always enjoyed working with children and their families. She believes that part of her role, as a newborn specialist is to do whatever makes life easier for the family, within reason. She has worked with many families nationwide. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to offer advice without forcing her belief on the parents. Having worked in private homes with babies since 1986, she has acquired a wealth of experience and believes that combining her knowledge with that of the parents makes a happy and healthy baby. She has worked with premature and special needs babies as well as many sets of twins. She fits easily into all homes and does whatever she can to understand and accommodate their needs.

Georgette has been caring for children for over 30 years and became an LPN in 1971.  In the past, she worked at Northside Hospital in the new mother and baby unit caring for preemies, special needs, and multiples.  Georgette has cared for post circumcision babies as well as assisted in the circumcision procedure.  She is comfortable helping moms establish and maintain breastfeeding.  She is a mother to two, now grown, children and has two grandchildren.  Georgette comes into the home with confidence and is there to support the family and new baby to allow for a smooth transition into parenthood.

Julie Trotter, previous owner of Happy Baby Solutions, has always loved babies.  She started babysitting for families when she was 13 and from that point on, children became her career.  Throughout high school, she continued to babysit for various families and began working in a daycare for children ranging from birth to 12 years.  While she enjoyed every age, infants quickly became her favorite.  Her interest in children led her to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Pennsylvania State University, graduating in 2004.  In the summer of 2004, Julie married her husband, Travis, and moved to Georgia.  Upon moving to Georgia, she began working at Kindercare Learning Center as the lead teacher in the toddler class.  She worked there for about five months and decided it wasn’t the job for her.  Instead, she moved into doing nanny work for a family with a newborn.  Julie worked with them for a year, until she came to a point in her life that she needed to work fewer hours in order to focus on a business idea that she and Corinne (the current owner of HBS) wanted to start together.  In 2005, Julie and Corinne became certified educators for The Happiest Baby on the Block and started Happy Baby Solutions.  In 2007, Julie had a wonderful, natural water birth with her first son at North Fulton hospital. It was such an empowering experience and she became fascinated with birth and the birth process.  Two years later, she adopted two children from Ethiopia; a 4 year old girl and a 13 year old boy.  In 2010 she was expecting a little boy again.  Unfortunately, at 39 weeks he was stillborn due to contracting Cytomegalovirus in utero.  She got pregnant a couple months later and had a beautiful home birth with her daughter in April 2011 and another daughter in Oct 2014.  Home birth was one of the best experiences she’s ever had!  Through the years, Julie has learned so much about newborns from her own personal experiences, other newborn care specialists, and from working with families and their babies.  She breastfed three of her children, has taken basic breastfeeding courses, and is comfortable supporting breastfeeding mothers.  She also supports bottle feeding, as her goal for you is to have a healthy, happy baby and mother, no matter how you feed your baby. Julie has worked with several sets of twins and one set of triplets. She has a huge passion for helping families adjust to the newborn stage during those first few months when things are difficult and life feels like it has been turned upside down.  She is a very warm, nurturing, and friendly individual whose passion for babies is evident in what she does.  While she has different philosophies about raising babies and how to get them sleeping through the night, when it comes down to it, she believes you, as the parent, have to be comfortable with the method and she will work with you to come up with something that is best for everyone. If you’re a “veteran parent” and just looking for some rest, Julie can come in at night and care for your baby so you can sleep.  If you’re a first time parent looking for someone to guide you about newborn care, sleeping, feeding, scheduling, etc, she can do that as well.  She simply wants to help you feel successful as a parent and give you tools to use when her time with you is finished!

Jerolin has been working with children since 1989.  She has experience with multiples and special needs such as acid reflux and colic.  She prides herself in being able to teach parents everything they need to know about infant care and how to make the transition of adding a child to the household a smooth one.  Jerolin helps build confidence in new parents and gives veteran parents the rest they need.  She also has experience with guiding newborns into a predictable schedule and enjoys assisting parents with this task.

Joan has been a certified baby nurse for the past nine years.  She is a dedicated professional who will provide the best possible care for your baby and will share her extensive knowledge and expertise with her clients.  Joan will provide guidance to parents by helping them achieve a wonderful experience with their newborn baby or babies. She also helps parents in establishing a nurturing, caring, and calm environment as well as empowering them with knowledge and information as they journey into parenthood.  Her knowledge and expertise allows her to create a schedule to fit each client’s life style.  She feels it is her job to help parents acclimate to both the physical as well as emotional needs of their newborn  baby or babies. She provides answers to the questions that all first time parents of newborns have.  Joan is dedicated to new mothers and well infant care, which includes sessions in infant temperament, stimulation and safety, bathing, diapering and dressing, temperature taking, newborn care skills, cord and circumcision care, bottle feeding and breast feeding.

Laura has over 13 years of experience as a certified newborn care specialist, nanny, teacher and an owner and operator of a large child development center. Within her various childcare roles, she has been responsible for the care of children ages newborn – 12 years of age.  She is well educated with a BS in Psychology and a M.Ed in early Childhood Education.  It is this wealth of education and experience that allows her to fully understand how the long term effects of proper newborn care, sleep and needed developmental skills affect a newborn’s life.  She feels it is important to not only provide a safe, nurturing environment but also appropriate activities and opportunities for newborns that will encourage exploration, curiosity, muscle development and the independence to enhance their overall development.  The parents can expect a proactive style, mature and loving demeanor, joyful spirit, patient nature, strong organizational skills and a warm compassionate heart. Her experience along with her nurturing approach would ensure Laura’s success with any family.

Latavia is a student at Emory University pursing her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  She has plans to continue her education to eventually obtain a Master’s Degree in Nurse Midwifery. Being the second oldest child in her family, she has always been around children.  From a very young age, Latavia began caring for her younger siblings and worked at various summer camps, vacation Bible schools, children’s exercise boot camps, and as a mentor for young children.  From 1998-2008, Latavia taught at a local learning center, working with children from age six weeks to four years.  She also worked at a local academy in the kindergarten classroom and was offered a position to be coordinator of their afterschool program.  Latavia has also taken on the role as a babysitter and nanny for children of various ages.  “It takes a special person to care for children.  I bring a positive and nurturing attitude with me because I feel that a child’s upbringing is a critical blue print to their journey into adulthood!”

Liz is an experienced newborn specialist whose love and passion for what she does is always evident. It is what our families have loved and appreciated most about her. She is supportive to parents, while bringing knowledgeable care that helps them ease into the transition of parenting. Liz is also very experienced as a multiples Baby Nurse, caring for more than 6 sets of twins. Her attention to details and natural abilities are sure to be exactly what you and your new baby will love most about her.

Mary Shaw has loved working with babies all her life! She has over 15 years of professional childcare experience. She has worked as a Nanny as well as being a Lead Infant Teacher in childcare centers. She has 4 beautiful children of her own that are her pride and joy. Mary has a CNA certificate and is CPR and First Aid certified. Mary is truly grateful to be able to help families begin their own exciting journey into parenthood. “I am very happy to have found a place here at Happy Baby Solutions where I can do the work that I love so much!”

Mary Windom has a degree as a Medical Assistant from the Georgia Medical Institute.  Currently she is attending Emory University as a Nursing student.  Caring for children is something Mary thoroughly enjoys and it comes naturally to her.  As a teen, she spent her summers babysitting for family members, friends and neighbors with children of various ages.  As a Medical Assistant she worked for eight years at Emory Family medicine, caring for all age groups from infants to teens.  Mary is energetic, organized and dependable.  She is confident at what she does and has a calm demeanor to bring ease to the parents when they leave their newborn in her care.

Melissa is a caring, confident and dedicated infant specialist who is a tremendous source of knowledge for new parents. She looks forward to sharing her love and affection with you and your newborn, and her energy is contagious. Melissa is a happy, outgoing and loving young woman, who in her free time enjoys running, shopping, and reading. Melissa has over 15 years of experience caring for children of all ages in private homes as well as 2 years of professional infant care and education at the Clifton School, a non for profit organization for children of Parents who work for Emory University, Center for Disease Control and Emory Hospital. Melissa holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University and is certified in The Happiest Baby techniques.

Molly is currently a Nursing student at Emory University.  She is a Certified Nursing Assistant with several years of experience in the medical field working with all ages, as well as special needs children.  She has nanny work experience and prides herself on being a diligent, maternal, hardworking professional that can bring medical expertise to the job along with her natural love for children of all ages.

Melony has had the chance to work with Atlanta’s most elite; her Grandmother was once the nanny to the late R.J. Reynolds.  Although she doesn’t have any children of her own yet, Melony has had 10 years of infant and childcare experience including working with twins.  She also has a college background of 5 years as a Nursing major.  Melony believes that she is a special Nanny and Newborn Specialist because she has patience and understanding along with the ability to adapt to any situation and environment.  Melony has attended trainings as a Newborn Specialist, as well as Breast Feeding 101, in addition to New Mother New Baby Care. She has worked with materials such as Your Baby can Read, The Baby Sleep Solution, and The Happiest Baby on the Block. Melony is registered with Health  through the American Academy of Pediatrics, which allows her to stay up to date on all the latest information , as well as to continue perfecting her skills as a Nanny and Newborn Specialist.  Melony feels her role as a Newborn Specialist and Nanny is to provide a supportive, loving, encouraging, and helpful environment to new life.

Miyoshi (“Mimi”) is a patient, loving, reliable and energetic baby nurse.  She has over fourteen years of experience working in domestic childcare and eight years working in various volunteer and paid positions at the Atlanta YMCAs.  With a major in Child Psychology and minor in Early Childhood Education, Mimi brings her years of expertise into your home to help you be the best parent you can be.  Mimi has had the pleasure of working with all age groups: newborns, infants, toddlers, teens and multiples.  In addition, she’s worked with asthmatics, learning disabled children, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity. ”I know it’s hard to leave your children with someone else, but if you know that they are in great hands it makes it much easier.  I can assure you that your children will have the utmost love and attention given to them while in my care.”

Natasha has always believed that every moment with a baby can be special if we allow it. She is a graduate of Emory University, holding a degree in Psychology. She believes that nature has given us so many beautiful things to play with and marvel at, and allows babies every opportunity to see, touch, and learn. Natasha began in-home daycare in 2001, and has thoroughly enjoyed caring for all her precious babies. She has always provided as much interaction and stimulation as possible for each child, and believes that as much fun can be had playing with sticks, grass, and leaves, as with the most expensive toys. She has been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the work of a stay-at-home-mom to her sons and daughter, and hopes to have the privilege of adopting one day.

Pamella has over 9 years of experience as a newborn specialist, nanny and in childcare.  She is certified in CNA, Adult and Infant CPR and First Aid, and has a certificate as a Newborn Specialist by Happy Baby Solutions along with Breastfeeding 101. She is very detail oriented, great at multi-tasking and competent in whatever she does. Pamella enjoys working with families, helping with just about everything from baby basics to implementing good sleeping and scheduling routines to allow the smoothest transition that is possible for a new baby in the home.

Rosemarie brings her expertise to you from her 10 years of Baby Nurse experience. Although she is originally from New York, she has travelled as far as California to fulfill her duties as a Baby Nurse. She prides herself on giving excellent care and fitting in well with each family she cares for by bringing her open personality and sense of humor to the job. Caring for babies has always been a passion of hers, adding joy and fulfillment to her life.

Shirley is a certified medical assistant and baby nurse with over 10 years experience. She has unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care and parental education and support specializing in baby CPR. Shirley is extensively trained in caring and nurturing for twins, toddlers and pre-school children. Her nurturing comes from having three girls of her own. She firmly believes children’s general well being should always come first and this is evident in the work that she does.

Sheree has over 16 years of childcare experience with a Master’s Degree in Education. She has cared for children ranging in ages from infants to teenagers as a caregiver, teacher, and counselor. Working with children is not only a passion of hers, but having a good influence on children is something truly important to her!

Veronica has been a Baby Nurse and Nanny for over six years, specializing in newborn care. She brings her expertise to you from working with many babies, singles and twins. She has done overnight as well as daytime care for infants and toddlers. In her years of work, she has learned that every baby is different and flexibility is key to making a smooth transition. Her love for babies, attentiveness, caring personality and her passion for helping new parents ease into the role of having a new one in the family is evident in the work she does. She thoroughly enjoys working with the baby and parents to establish a routine that works for everyone.

Vivian is a highly motivated individual with over 15 years of professional experience in the Baby Nurse/Nanny/Childcare and Elderly Caregiver field. She possesses excellent skills and the ability to work with newborns, children and senior citizens. Vivian has a strong passion for providing care for those who cannot care for themselves and a willingness to provide outstanding results.  She loves being able to instruct families in the realms of newborn care and share her tips on scheduling and other aspects of newborns.

Yvette joined Happy Baby Solutions in 2008 with years of experience as a night and day nanny. Working with both singles and twins, she is CPR certified in infants and toddlers and also has training in post partum depression and lactation.  A mother of two and grandmother of four, it was a blessing for her to be present for all of their births and is a pleasure to provide the same loving care and nurturing she gives to her family, to the moms and their newborns that she has worked for.  “I believe in making the mom’s transition with her newborn a happy and restful one, while assisting her in tenderly nurturing her newborn .