Baby Nurses

Sleepless nights?

Crying baby?

What’s a good night’s sleep worth to you?

What is a baby nurse?

A baby nurse is also known as a non-medical infant specialist.  Their expertise in newborn care will educate first time parents and give experienced parents the rest they need. Our baby nurses are trained in nationally renowned infant calming and sleeping techniques.  They are CPR certified and have gone through our rigorous screening process, which includes a criminal background check.  They are experienced with singles, twins, triplets, special needs, and preemies.

Whether you are looking for a few weeks or several months, we accommodate your individual needs.  Our baby nurses are experienced in working with two parent families, single parents, celebrities, and athletes.   Our baby nurses are based in Atlanta, Dallas and New York.  They also work throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Our baby nurses:

  • work discreetly in your home, never pushing a certain parenting style
  • support your views in all aspects of newborn care
  • instruct you in everything from soothing to establishing a schedule if desired
  • help create a suitable environment for you and your baby, allowing the rest you need
  • keep the nursery tidy, do baby laundry, and wash all feeding supplies
  • support the mother with general breastfeeding knowledge if needed
  • are flexible and will fit into your schedule

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