What people are saying about…

Our Baby Nurses

“I finally have the time to email you and tell you how great our experience was working with Melissa, what a gem! Really helpful, energetic and very caring. Thanks again, she was definitely the best help and support to us during such an important time in our lives.”

“We’re so glad we found Happy Baby Solutions.  The best decision we’ve made was hiring their night nurse.  She is wonderful with the babies and takes great care of them while we get a good-night’s sleep.  She also helped us get the babies on a schedule so they sleep longer at night.  The “5 S’s” of Dr. Karp that our baby nurse is practicing are working amazingly well and our babies are sleeping longer and more soundly.  Having twins is a challenge, but the night nurse really helped us.”

“We were absolutely exhausted with our two month old baby boy. He had reflux and was waking up every hour and a half at night to nurse.  In one night, the baby nurses had him nursing every three hours.  Our baby nurse continues to show us tips for feeding, playing, napping, calming, etc… Mom’s happier, baby’s happier–everyone’s happier!”

“The baby nurse service was wonderful!  I was so tired when I came home with my baby.  Our baby nurse even did some housekeeping and errands, allowing me to rest and bond with my baby.  Most importantly she took excellent care of my baby while I got some much needed sleep!”

Our Happy Baby Workshops

“I just wanted to thank you for your workshop!  It was immensely helpful and a great way to conclude having our baby nurse once I was on my own a few days and trying to do everything by myself.  I gained lots of great tricks and tips! The white noise machine rules!  Our baby loves it and my husband even is sleeping better than ever (we still have the baby in our bedroom in a bassinet).  I really appreciate all that you each have done to help us welcome our baby to our home.  You all are very professional and knowledgeable and kind.  Thank you for caring and helping!”

“I received The Happiest Baby DVD as a gift, but found the techniques only worked for a short time.  After attending your workshop, I learned much more than the DVD offers.  I realized that doing the techniques correctly was the key for it to work.   Learning the way to wean them off of the S’s also helped so much.”

“My baby was a calm baby, but around 5-6 weeks he fussed more and slept worse. After taking The Happy Baby Workshop, I can now calm my baby in minutes. People always comment on how happy he is!”

 ”My baby was a “colicky baby.”  He never slept well, and spent a good portion of the afternoon and evenings fussing and crying.  After learning The Happy Baby techniques the crying was reduced to minutes a day, and he started sleeping longer at night.  This workshop saved our sanity during this difficult phase.  Now we have much more time to spend interacting with our happy baby.”