Happy Babies. Rested Families.


Happy Baby Solutions was founded in 2005 by two mothers who realized how difficult it was to find quality care for their children.  They have created a superior agency specializing in providing families with qualified, professional baby nurses and nannies.  Their unique matching process allows caregivers to be matched with families in a quick, simple, and effective manner.  Whether you need full time, part time, temporary, overnight, or as needed care, they are the solution to all your childcare needs, including:

Baby Nurses


We specialize in placing qualified, professional baby nurses with families seeking care for their newborns. Our baby nurses come into your home to ease the transition into becoming a new parent by providing guidance in everything from swaddling to changing diapers. They also help experienced parents by providing them with top quality care for their baby to allow them the rest they need.




Looking for part time, full time, temporary, or as needed care in your home? We can help you find a qualified nanny or babysitter to allow you to go back to work or simply give you a break. Our nannies are screened and background checked and have prior experience working with children of all ages.


Happy Baby Workshop

happiest baby workshopLearn the new way to calm babies and help them sleep longer in our Happiest Baby Workshop. Based on the works of Dr. Harvey Karp, you will learn unique techniques to help you during the first few months of your baby’s life. Taught by certified educators, you will learn everything from swaddling to how to turn off your baby’s cries in minutes or less!